about Kamihimo

Kamihimo Fabrikation

Craftwork originated in Japan where papercrafts are famous for. Unique material found in Japan. Paper material that any generations can enjoy crafting with.

The word Kamihimo came from “Kami” 紙 = paper and “Himo” 紐 = string. Kamihimo is flat paper band made of 12 to 16 strings glued together. Washi paper made out of recycled material such as milk pack, storage bags for rice and wheat are twisted into string.

Kamihimo’s new value as crafting material has bloomed in the past 20 years, and more than 100 colors to are available for fun designing. Despite the strength of product finish, paper band makes it easy to handle while crafting. More and more people are enjoying Kamihimo as alternate material of bamboo and white birch handcrafts today. With its variety of colors, you can create your one in the world craft!

Kamihimo is a safe material for young children for their school projects, and the skill set of the craft is idealistic to stimulate physical coordination for eldery people for their rehabilitation.

colored Kamihimo

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